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Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming

So welcome back guys here in this article we are going to share you information about Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming and also best platform for Pubg cloud gaming. So to get one of the best recommended Cloud for Pubg Gaming read the article completely and follow the steps to use it on your devices.

Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming | Best platform for Pubg Cloud Gaming

As I was searching on Google about Pubg Cloud I saw that lots of pubg players are interested and searching for Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming and also the best cloud platform for Pubg Pc. Here some players also demanded me to bring an article on one of the best Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming for Pc.

So to overcome all these problems I have brought a new best of Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming and Best Cloud Platform for Pubg Mobile and is fully working and helpful. Easy to use and many websites are also recommended for this site.

A Short Note on Pubg Mobile

So guys as we all know about bgmi and its craze. Bgmi is the same game made by krafton from Pubg. Bgmi is a very famous game in India and more than 50M+ players love to play this game. This game is fully a battelground and action game.

Here Players need to kill enemies and need to survive till the last for winning. In this game, there are 100 players and leave them on an island where they need to find the guns and kill the enemies to siverve till last to get "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". There are 3 option to play with friends like, Solo mode, Duo Mode, and last Squard mode you can play with your close friends and also with randoms to get wins.

There are many guns from which you can kill enemies easily and also some are harder to control such as AKM, Barel or M716, and more.

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What Is Cloud Gaming In Pubg Mobile?

Cloud gaming is a platform where you can directly play any game without downloading it from any website or any place. You can easily access to the game and enjoy playing any game with full of enjoyment. In cloud gaming players can play any game they want to play as this may lead to enjoying any gameplay without downloading the game after the experience they can easily access to the real games.

Here as I have told you in the first para that while searching many players are interested in searching for this topic on the best cloud gaming platform for Pubg Mobile. As we all know or heard about Pubg Mobile this is one of the heavy games in the world. As this game is an Action Battleground game all of this game's files are too heavy. Because here the company Tencent has used a heavy graphic file in the game to make it more realistic.

Players are interested in playing this game as this game is too good to experience any gunfight in the game world. Many new players are also interested in playing this game but due to the heavy files installed in this game players are first searching for cloud pubg gaming so that they can experience the game in there devices.

Best Of Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming Platform

So guys here below are some Cloud Platforms for Pubg Mobile.

1. Stadia PUBG Crossplay

We know that PUBG has provided a game free a long time ago. According to research, they saw all those other free-to-play battle royale games getting all the attention they wanted in this cloud game. Anyway here, PUBG makes it easy to search for any player in the PUBG system that you can play with and not just on the platform you are on to play.

Stadia PUBG Crossplay

So guys firstly, Go to the Social tab and hit the select button on your controller to search for the player you want by nickname in the game. Enter the player's name on the keyboard here and see if the player exists easily.

You will start with connecting to our Xbox account easily. Yes, connecting to Xbox works propely. Now I’ll try our PlayStation account easily. This process works too. Last but not least, we’ll try connecting to our Steam account in the game app. Now this is where we hit a snag to play the game. It seems that PUBG for Stadia is only compatible with the console version of the game which makes sense since you can only use your controller to play on Studio.

I don’t see them adding full crossplay with PC due to PC players having the ability to play with a mouse and keyboard properly. It works on Warzone…I guess propely. Maybe they should add an option to turn it off like most crossplay games in the world. We’ll see if this ever happens in the modes.

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2. PUBG on Boosteroid

Here, Now that we are closing in on Boosteroid pulling the trigger on US servers to play the game, many of these shooters will need a revisit but until then now, we’ll cover PUBG and how it plays on Boosteroid. Let’s begin with the gameplay.

PUBG on Boosteroid

PUBG is a non-demanding game. Even though it launched in 2016, the game graphics weren’t stellar even then better. So, Boosteroid should have no problem running this game right? we are going to have the Steam in-game FPS counter set in the left-hand corner for a benchmarking reference as give on the screen. Let’s see what the settings are given.

A few things beforehand to play: make sure to increase the Max FPS and set the Render Scale to 100 so that the game produces the visuals at 100% resolution which make the screen smoother. They have the game set at custom settings. I know they say not to, but I’m going to max the settings to Ultra to see if the FPS goes away in the game.

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3. PUBG on Vortex Cloud Gaming

Here We’ve had a weird history with Vortex. As we know Recent games on Vortex have actually been very good even though Intel bought them out and is not accepting any new subscriptions at the point of time in making this video more interesting. But we did get our hands on playing the free-to-play version of PUBG Mobile: Battlegrounds on Vortex so let’s see if it’s worth playing for free.

PUBG on Vortex Cloud Gaming

The first thing to know, you should know is that loading PUBG is a pain in the butt. As we mentioned in our Path of Exile comparison of video, loading takes a long time on Steam – upwards of 15 minutes. Just when you think your download has been completed, it hits you with another loading screen on your device.

We know that Vortex has been known not to be the highest-performing cloud gaming platform out there. Check the Vortex benchmark for full reference. So, if you ever get past the Steam loading screens, we will see what Vortex sets the default graphics at. Here you will also activate the Steam in-game FPS counter to get a good sense of what we’re working with.

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Always note Before messing with anything else, make sure to set the Render Scale to 100 so that the game produces the visuals at 100% resolution is complete. Vortex only displays video at 720p so you’ll need all the clarity possible in the game. Now on to the graphics and well, it is set to Very Low as expected on a game that was behind the curve in graphics to begin to play.

4. PUBG on PS Now and Xbox Cloud

Unfortunately, here, players pulled PUBG off of PlayStation Now and Xbox Cloud to play it smoothly. The games played great on both but probably slightly better on Xbox Cloud easily. You can see the comparison here in two different crossplay videos as given in this article.

PUBG on PS Now and Xbox Cloud

First of all, here we have a point-of-view video where you can see the details from each platform given on the biodata. We get into a last-man-standing situation with a killing spree easily. Which one looks better to you?

Also, we have another game where this video is shot so you can see the action side-by-side easily and enjoy playing the game. I encourage you to see it first the video on your 4K monitor first to see the differences in this game's graphics.

You decide on which platform looks better see it first.

5. PUBG Crossplay on Various Platforms

Here are some of our other 4-player crossplays featuring 4 different cloud gaming platforms playing the game together as given below.


So guys, here in this article I have shared you complete detailed information about Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming and also best platform to play pubg on it. If you love to play pubg or want to play Pubg you can easily access this game from anywhere. Read the article completely to get the proper knowledge about this platform.

If you like the article about Pubg Mobile Cloud Gaming or Best platform for Pubg Mobile then you can share it with your friends so to let him also know about this platform. Also if you have any queries then you can comment below so that I will try to solve your problem easily.


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