Bgmi and Pubg No smoke Config and Obb File for 2.7 version Download Link (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

Bgmi and Pubg No smoke Config and Obb File for 2.7 version Download Link (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

Bgmi and Pubg No Smoke Config file for 2.7 Version

Hey, welcome back guys, Here in this article, I have brought a new best-of Bgmi and Pubg no smoke config file for 2.7. I have added complete detail about applying process and more details.

Bgmi and Pubg No Smoke Config file for 2.7 Version

Here in this article, I have brought a new config file that will make your game easier as compared to the old one. Here you may find a hack that will remove smoke from the game so that you can easily spot your enemies and easily can be killed. Bgmi and Pubg No smoke Config File for 2.7 version Download Link (Free) - 2023

A short note on BGMI and PUBG

BGMI and PUBG are two of the most popular action battle royale games in the whole world. With millions of downloads and players worldwide, these games have become very famous games all over the world. However, one issue that many players face when playing these games is when there is smoke in matches and the need to kill enemies. The smoke effect can be distracting and make it difficult to see your enemies in the smoke. 

So to overcome this problem I have brought you a new best-of-config file that will make smoke disappear so that you can kill enemies easily. In this article, I have shared you downloading link of this config file so that you can use it easily.

To download this Bgmi and Pubg No smoke config file you need to read the article completely to understand the complete process. You need to follow the steps given in this article to download and install the config file. 

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BGMI and PUBG 2.7 No Smoke Obb File

There are many advantages to using this BGMI and PUBG 2.7 No Smoke Config File for free. Firstly, this Obb file removes the smoke effect from the match while playing in classic mode, making it easier to see your enemies and giving you the advantage to kill them easily. 

As this is more important in last situation when there is a huge fight and you need to spot enemies in smoke. Most of them are hidden in Smoke so this file make it easier to spot them and kill them. You can also use this config file in room this is anti-ban and working properly.

In this I have brought a Bgmi 2.7 No smoke Obb file for 32bit and 64bit so that you can kill enemies easily, this file is tested in low-end devices to confirm whether this is working or not. You can use it in your main id safely and for free. Just download and install.

How to Remove Bgmi No Recoil Config or Obb file?

There are two easy methods to remove bgmi no recoil config or obb file.

1. Method

  • Open the Z-archiver and follow the step to remove the file
  • Go to Android > Obb > Remove it or delete it easily.
  • or Go to Android > Data > > file and delete it or remove it manually.
  • This is a manual step to remove it from the game.

2. Method

  • Open your game Bgmi or Pubg
  • go to settings and get logout of the game
  • you will now be at the login page
  • Go to Repair and then click on Routine Repair 
  • And you done just restart the game and you will see that config file has been remove easily

How to Download Bgmi 2.7 no recoil Config file?

Follow the steps to download the config file for free.

  1. First of all read the article completely to get perfect knowledge.
  2. Then scroll down to get the download button below.
  3. Find the password in article hidden anywhere. (Read completely to find it)
  4. Click on download button to download it.
  5. Now Extract the file and enjoy playing the game. 

How to apply Bgmi 2.7 No recoil config file?

Follow the steps given below to apply the file.
  1. First of all, extract the given file.
  2. You will find a file name "File" Copy that file
  3. Now follow the steps File Manager> Android > Data > com.pubg.imobile > files and then past over here.
  4. Now restart the game and see the magic
  5. You will find that your game is smoother than before.

Download Bgmi and Pubg No Smoke Config File 2.7 for 32bit and 64bit

Download Now

Download Link


In conclusion, the BGMI and PUBG No Smoke Config File for the 2.7 version and for 32bit and 64-bit devices is a must-have for any serious player of these games. It provides lots of advantages, including improved visibility, Ame, and a more impressive gaming experience. Downloading and installing the file is easy and the steps are given above in the article.

However, it is important to remember that using third-party files like the Bgmi No Smoke Config File can be risky to use. Make sure always use it firs in your guest I'd after that you can use it in your main I'd and it is too safe to use.

So Guys, in this article I have shared you a complete detail about bgmi and pubg 2.7 no smoke config files and also I have provided you a download link. 

If you like this article then comment below to see how much of you like my articles. and also if you have any queries then you can pin it in the comment box so that I will try to solve that problem.

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