Pubg 2.7 White body Config File Download (32bit and 64bit) Mediafire Link - 2023

Pubg 2.7 White body Config File Download (32bit and 64bit) Mediafire Link - 2023,

Pubg 2.7 White Body config File

Hey welcome back guys in this article I am going to share information about Pubg 2.7 white body config file download for 32bit and 64bit and working 100%. 

Best Config File for Pubg 2.7 White Body config file Update 32Bit 100% Anti-ban that works when you download PUBG 2.7 White Body config file Update.

Pubg 2.7 White body Config File Download

PUBG 2.7 White Body Config File 32bit and 64bit

As we all know that bgmi is one of the best action games in the world and it has lots of crazes. More and more players are spending a lot of time in this game. Nowadays Pubg has the highest craze in India. Here it is named Bgmi va BattelGround Mobile India and this game scored the highest time spending game in India. 

Here I have brought a 100% working config file which will make your game more interesting so that you can get an easily chicken dinner. This config file I have made is working in both 32-bit and 64-bit config files. 

Pubg 2.7 white body config file is fully tested and working properly it is been checked in Redmi 5 device. It is working properly you can download it without any harm. I have also installed an anti-ban config file.

Pubg 2.7 White Body Config File 2023

Here is some detail about Pubg white body config file. It is not legal to customize or change game files while doing things that might jeopardize your gaming account is a bad idea because you put your i'd on Risk. You could be permanently banned. 

Note - You should use this config file at your own risk because there is many observers who can note you and can report you which may lead to ban your game account. Pubg 2.7 white body config file is and anti-ban file which I had installed can prevent you from ban of your I'd.

What is White Body Config FILE?

This File helps you spot pubg Enemy Easily and also helps to increase your ability. You can download this pubg 2.7 white body Config file is the latest version you can check and you can download pubg mobile 2.7 APK very easily for free. Pubg Mobile India - GLOBAL white body Config File Download Full Antiban 32-bit and 64-bit both-bit versions supported as a device. 

Features of Pubg 2.7 White Body:

Here below is the list of pubg 2.7 white body Config file features

  1. White Body
  2. No Recoil
  3. Less Shake
  4. Less Smoke
  5. Remove grass
  6. Remove fog
  7. Remove rain
  8. TDM + CLASSIC Working
  9. Anti cheats remove (don’t use anything external)
  10. New Anticheats Bypass
  11. TDM Crash Fix

How to Download and Install the Pubg 2.7 White Body Config File?

Following below is the steps to download and install the pubg 2.7 white body config file.

  • Step-1: First, you need to download the White Body Config file Given Below.
  • Step-2: Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to extract it.
  • Step-3: Make sure the Pubg app is closed and not running in the background.
  • Step-4: Next, you must place the files in their respective folders.
  • Step-5: Now you have to paste the files to the following folders like they are downloaded. Go to File Manager, Then go to Android Config -> com.tencent.ig Paste or replace the file Here.
  • Step-6: You now need to launch the PUBG app and you will be able to see the white body option in the Graphics Settings of PUBG 2.7.

PUBG 2.7 White Body Config file

Pubg 2.7 white body config file is one of the best and most demanded config files I have brought this file which is fully working and tested on the redmi 5 device. In this config file.

I have installed some special features that may lead to optimizing the game speed and your accuracy. To Get these features enable you just need to download and install the config file and apply in game then you can easily download the Mediafire link file. 

The config file is fully optimize so that this will make your experience excellent and increase you skill and accuracy without and ban, because this config file is protected from an anti-ban file which I have installed in it.

Password: 112233

Pubg 2.7 White Body Config file Update Info

So, guy I have updated this Pubg white body config file to a new version of the config file that work in both 32bit and 64bit device and is a lag-free file. It will increase full of ESP accuracy to see any enemies. 

You can spot any enemy easily with a correct parth and you can easily get Chicken Dinner. This file which i have provided is fully updated and work in all device. You just need to download it from given link below in the article.

Pubg 2.7 No grass File

It is a Pubg 2.7 No grass config file and a pak file is easy to use. There is no grass in this file to help you find opponents easily and the main thing is that if you prune yourself the opponent cannot see you because no grass will work just for you and them at the moment There is also a grass map

PUBG 2.7 White body, No grass Mod Config File Download 32Bit

Download Now

Download Link


So, if you like this article about Pubg 2.7 White Body config and Obb file then comment below and if their's any problem regarding this Config file then comment below. 

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