Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file Download (32bit and 64bit) - 2024

Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file Download (32bit and 64bit) - 2024

Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file

Hey Welcome back guys, So today in this article we are going to cover detailed information about Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow body Hack Config file for the latest version and also give you a download link file. So stay Tuned.

Pubg and Bgmi 2.7 Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file

As on search on Google, I have seen that many of the players are searching for this keyword of Bgmi 3.1 green and yellow body config file. So to overcome this problem and give you a genuine file I have brought the best config file.

A Short Information about Bgmi (Battelground Mobile India)

As we all know Bgmi (Battelground Mobile India) is one of the best action battle royal games in the world. Most of the players love to play this game and spend lots of time while playing this game. I like to share information related to games and more updates so read the article about this new hack file.

Bgmi is just not a game it's an emotion because this game has more and more craze in India. You can enjoy playing this game forever and this is one of the best games. Here in this game, 100 players are dropped at one Island where players need to find guns and more loot. They have to survive till last and kill enemies to win the match. 

Here to make the player find themself to find the enemies and to complete the match in the required time, this game also has a blue zone which is and restricted area. where you can get damage through the shock and as the zone shrinks and shrinks the damage of the zone also get increases.

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You need to fight with each other to win the match and also to survive till last. Here there are three types of modes solo mod, Duo mod, and Squard mode. Here you can play with your friends too and get the win easily. As the winning celebration is acquired by the title name "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

So this is short information related to the Bgmi game. To download this config file read the article completely.

What Is a Green / Yellow Body Config file?

As we all know in bgmi to kill enemies we need to find them which is too hard to find when they are hiding in the grass or back to any object. So to find them this config file is used. This config file is made to spot enemies easily.

This config file makes the enemy's body color change to Green or Yellow body so that it is easy to spot them and find them hiding any were. This file is made with lots of changes in coding so to optimize the character body according to us.

This file is Fully Latest as made for Bgmi 3.1 Version so you can use is frequently. This config file is fully working and tested on redmi 5 devices. So you can use it on low-end devices too it will work properly need not worry about any problems.

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Is it safe to use the Green Body Config file in Bgmi and Pubg?

Yes, the Bgmi Green Body hack config file is fully safe you can use it as this config file is fully safe to use. I have installed the Anti-Ban and Anti-reset config files so that this file is fully safe to use. If you are interested in downloading this file read the article completely to get a proper guide.

As this config file is very useful in classic matches, lots of players are asking for this file, so I have brought this config file which helps players find enemies easily as compared to the old one. As their body color gets changed so that you can easily find them hiding in the grass, back to any object. 

This Config file works the same as the Esp hack because this config file also can find enemies hiding anywhere and can be spotted from far away distance. Here only change is that you can't see their exact location like in esp rest of all are the same. So you can kill enemies easily.

Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green/ Yellow Body Config file for 32bit and 64bit device

The Bgmi 3.1 Green Body Config file is fully latest and optimized file, this file is completely new and working properly. So, you can use it safely, I also have installed here the file names as anti-ban, anti-reset, and Anti-cheat files so that you can use it without any worry.

If you have any problem related to this file you can ask me in the comment section I will try to solve your problem in the next article. This config file is required by lots of players, to overcome this problem I have brought this file for 32bit and 64bit devices

Here mostly, Low-end device players are searching for this file, as we know Low-end device players need to face lots of problems, such as Lag, Overheating, Hanging, Rendering problems, and many more. Because of this reason, lots of low-end device players get killed by enemies easily, as their device starts to lag and overheat fast.

So to overcome this problem I have brought the best of Pubg and Bgmi green body and yellow body config files for 32bit and 64bit devices you can to use in any type of device an work properly. So to download and install read the article completely and follow the steps given below.

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Features of Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file

Following below are the features provided with this Pubg and Bgmi Green body Config file.

  • Green Body Config file,
  • Yellow Body Color pack,
  • Less Lag,
  • No Rain,
  • No Grass,
  • Overheating problem solve,
  • Easy spot enemies,
  • Anti-Ban file enable,
  • Anti-reset file enable,
  • The anti-Cheat file also enables,
  • TDM+Classic mod working
  • 100% safe to use.

So above are some features going to come with this Green Body Config file.

Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Yellow Body Config File Information

The Yellow Body config file is a file that makes the enemy's body color change to yellow color and it is easy to spot them from far away too. If any enemies hiding in the grass they can easily be spotted by this config file. 

The yellow body config file is also one of the best config files, we can use this file in the classic mod and also in all maps. This file is customized according to the map too so this will work on all maps and you can customize it on your own. Just need to change in file to get more features enable.

Yellow color is better as compared to Green color as this color can be spotted from any were easily. But the green color is harder to find if the player is hiding in the grass, whereas yellow can be seen easily anywhere at any place. So the yellow body config file hack is better than then green body config file hack.

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How to Download Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body hack Config file

Following are the steps to download the Green and yellow body config file.

  • First of all, read the article completely to get the proper guide.
  • Now scroll down and you can see the download button above the Conclusion para.
  • Now click on the Download button to get started.
  • After that wait for 25 sec and your download link will com.
  • Now click on Download Now button and your downloading will start automatically.

After downloading the file extra it and follow the steps of applying process given below.

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How to Apply Pubg and Bgmi Green & Yellow Body Config file

So here, following below are the steps for applying the process of Pubg Bgmi Green / Yellow Body config file.

  • First download the app named Z archiver to apply
  • After Downloading the file, now extract it here.
  • After that, you will see the 60Fps and ultra Sound config file
  • Open the file and you will see the file name as 'File'
  • Copy that file folder and go back.
  • Follow the steps android > data > com.pubg.imobile > file and now past over there.
  • After that go back and clear all tabs from the recent device.
  • And restart the game you will see the 60 fps will unlock and ultra sound will also work.

Now enjoy playing the game with more smoother gameplay.

Download Pubg and Bgmi 3.1 Green / Yellow Body Config File for 32bit and 64bit Device

Download Now

Download Link


So Guys in this article we have covered detailed information about Pubg and Bgmi Green / Yellow Body Hack Config file for the 3.1 version which also works in both 32bit and 64bit devices. Here I have also provided you the Downloading link, so you can also download the config file for free.

If you like this article about this Config file then share it with your friends and also if you have any queries about this article then you can ask in the comment section. I have almost shared with you a lot of details about the Green body config file so read it and download the file.

Enjoy playing the Game. Be with us to get more and more interesting hacks and config files for free.

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