Bgmi 3.3 No recoil Config file Download Latest Updated 32bit & 64bit (Mod + Free) - 2023


Bgmi No recoil Config File Download

Hey welcome back Guys, so finally I have brought a new fully updated config file for you. This Bgmi 3.3 no recoil config file is fully tested and working properly. So guys, in this article I am going to share your information related to Bgmi 3.3 no recoil Config file for 32bit and also for 64bit devices. If you are interested in this hacked file then you can stay with this site and can earn more and more Updated hacks.

Bgmi No recoil Config File Download

As in search, I have found that lots of players are searching for this Bgmi 3.3 No recoil Config file for 32bit and 64bit config files. I have searched it lots of websites have provided this file from which most of them are fake, so to provide the real and original file. 

Here in this article, I have brought a genuine file so that you can get the real and original file so read the article completely and download and install the file properly by following the steps given below in the article.

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Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil File

Game Name Bgmi(Battelground Mobile India)
Game Type Battelground Action Gaming
OBB FIle No recoil,High Damage
Version 3.3
Playstore @BGMI
Applestore @BGMI

What is the Bgmi No recoil Config file?

Bgmi is a Very popular game in India and has more than 10M+ Downloads in all over India. This game is famous for its action gaming performance and also for its graphics and quality of the game. Here 100 players are spread on one battlefield where they need to kill enemies and need to survive to get Rank #1 or "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner".

In Bgmi to kill enemies game gives random guns spread all over the island. But these guns have heavy recoil. Recoil Means Vibrations created while firing and the movement towards up. So it is harder to control this recoil. To overcome this problem I Brought a new Best of Bgmi 3.3 No recoil Config File with updated features also it is tested on Redmi 5 device.  

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Bgmi No recoil 3.3 Config file Info

So guys, If you are searching for Bgmi 3.3 No recoil config file for the Latest Version then you are in the right place. Here you will get this file with the Updated feature and it is working in all devices like in 32bit low-end devices and also in 64bit high-end devices too. If you are interested in downloading this file then just read the complete process for downloading the config file. 

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Below is the process for downloading the config file for free without any problem. Just stay with this site and download the config file for free. At last, I have given the downloading button to download the config file.

Guys in this article you can easily download the config file with no any issues. Here in this article all files are protected with many new coded file such as Anti-Ban file, Anti-reset file and the most important file is Anti-Report file so that no one can report you in classic and even in TDM matches. You can easily use it and play the game smoothly without any problem.

The No Recoil Config file is Useful or not while playing Bgmi?

Here according to this config file, you can easily use this file in your Bgmi game, because this file is fully safe to use and no one can ban your I'd. This Bgmi No recoil Config file is fully encrypted and is safe to use as the file contains Anti-Ban, Anti-Report, and also Anti-reset Features so that you can easily use this file while playing in a classic match in Bgmi.

This file is made with and harder coded file which is safe and useful to control the recoil. If a player spot you that you are using this file even though they can't do anything such as Report on you. But to prevent from this always use it carefully, Because if there were multiple reports on you. It can lead to a ban of your I'd.

So always secure yourself before using it in classic matches. You can use this file in Both classic and even in TDM matches too. So need to worry about that you can easily use this config file and can be killed easily.

Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil Config File for 32bit and 64bit

Bgmi No recoil Config file is made for all types of Devices like 32bit and 64bit device. Here in this file I have added to file 32bit and 64bit file which you can select according to your choice. 

Just download the file and enjoy playing the game as you want. Use on your own risk.

Why Less recoil is significant in Bgmi or Pubg?

As we all know that in bgmi while firing any gun there we need to face some hard recoil, Vibration of guns, and upper movement of guns. To control this all movement less recoil pack is used. Whereas we also can control it by Gyroscope and also by ADS sensitivity. 

In this article, I have brought a new Bgmi and Pubg No recoil Config file for free and is working properly. This config file is fully tested and working properly. Less recoil is important in any gun while firing. It is easier to kill enemies with less recoil in auto guns firing for long-range enemies and also for headshots.

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It is not legal to customize or change game files while doing things that might jeopardize your gaming account is a bad idea because you put your I'd at Risk. You could be permanently banned. You should use this No Recoil Config & Obb file at your own risk if you wish to use it then. BGMI 3.3 Update Version is officially released on the Play Store and App Store so first download it.

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Will I Get Banned Because of the Bgmi No Recoil Config File?

No, this file is fully optimized and has a powerful anti-ban script installed in this file, so this feature makes your I'd safe and will not ban you I'd. But due to continuous use of this hack file bgmi can keep the action on you and may be possible to ban your I'd. so take care of your ID and play it safe and use it first as a guest I'd to know whether it will get banned. After that you can easily use it in your main I'd with no issues. 

The important fact is that use it till there is no update If any minor or any kind of update has arrived then just reset all settings to default and wait for a new file which I will bring with you more features.

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How to Remove the Bgmi No Recoil Config or Obb file?

There are two easy methods to remove bgmi no recoil config or obb file.

1. Method

  • Open the Z-archiver and follow the steps to remove the file
  • Go to Android > Obb > Remove it or delete it easily.
  • or Go to Android > Data > > file and delete it or remove it manually.
  • This is a manual step to remove it from the game.

2. Method

  • Open your game Bgmi or Pubg
  • Go to settings and log out of the game
  • You will now be at the login page
  • Go to Repair and then click on Routine Repair 
  • When you are done just restart the game and you will see that the config file has been removing easily

How to Control Recoil of any Gun?

It is very simple to control the recoil of any gun, In this article, I will also provide you info about controlling the recoil of any gun. Let's begin, To control the recoil of any gun you can do it with 2 steps first by Gyroscope and second by ADS camera Sensitivity

By Gyroscope you can control recoil easily just by moving your device towards down to control the recoil of guns moving towards upwards. Second By ADS camera sensitivity, you can control the recoil just by using your finger and moving it on the screen downwards and you can stabilize the gun's recoil. 

So these are 2 ways to control the recoil of any gun easily and can kill enemies easily.

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How to Download the Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil Config file?

Follow the steps to download the Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil config file for free.

  1. First of all, read the article completely to get perfect knowledge.
  2. Then scroll down to get the download button below.
  3. Find the password in the article hidden anywhere. (Read completely to find it)
  4. Click on the download button to download it.
  5. Now Extract the file and enjoy playing the game. 

How to apply Bgmi 3.3 No recoil config file?

Follow the steps given below to apply the Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil Config file.
  1. First of all, extract the given file.
  2. You will find a file named as "File" Copy that file
  3. Now follow the steps File Manager> Android > Data > com.pubg.imobile > files and then past over here.
  4. Now restart the game and see the magic
  5. You will find that your game is more smoother than before.

Download Bgmi 3.3 No recoil Config file for 32bit and 64bit

Download Now


Here in this article, I have shared complete information about Bgmi 3.3 No Recoil Config files for 32bit and d64bit devices also and download link. You can use this config file and get more and more easy chicken dinners in every match. 

If you like this article then share it with your friends and also comment if you have any queries. I will try to solve your problem. Visit this site again to get more and more interesting articles that are too good to see and use. If you want any other article related to hack then you can ask me in the comment section.


What is No Recoil Config file in Bgmi?

No Recoil Config file is nothing but one type of hack or in short, we can say that while firing a gunshot in Bgmi gun get vibrates and slitely moves upside. So to control this recoil No recoil File is Used because it reduces the recoil of any gun.

Is this No recoil Config file is safe or not?

Yes, this Config file is safe because this file contains anti-ban, anti-Report features so that no one can report you in the match.

How to Use this file in our Pubg Id?

You can easily use this file in your Pubg Account or Bgmi account. I hav provided the step in my Website so check it out and enjoy playing with this file.


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