BGMI A1 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks, Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 100 - 2023

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks, Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 100 - 2023

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Update

Hey guys, here I have brought a new Bgmi article about Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks. In BGMI, 360 UC is required to purchase an 'Elite Royale Pass' (Royal Pass), while 960 UC is required to get an "Elite Plus Royale Pass".

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks, Release Date

In the coming months, BGMI will reach the next royale pass. The M21 Royale pass is currently available to players. However, there are numerous leaks in the system for players which are going to come with these updates. You’ll learn about all of the upcoming rewards leaks and stuff in-game here. So, let’s learn more about the upcoming BGMI A1 Royale Pass Rewards and Leaks.

Every month, Krafton surprises us with something new with the royale pass rewards. Players will be able to see an experience a variety of prizes as part of the new Royale pass. The Month 22 Royale pass, according to the leaks, will also include new rewards for the players. Headgear would be offered for 5RP as normal. There has been a lot of discussion about a new gun skin.

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A Short Note on Bgmi (Battelground Mobile India)

Bgmi(Battelground Mobile India) is one of the most best action battle royal game in the world, we can see it is been recorded that in year 2019 and in 2020 Bgmi has Most downloaded game all over  the world which is old name as "Pubg Mobile". Now in India it's name is change into 'Bgmi' va Battelground Mobile India. 

This game also have lots of craze on India because this a same game of Pubg and only the difference is in its Server and Data storage area. In this game 100 players where dropped at one Island where they need ot find guns and more loots to survive till last. 

Here players need to play inside the Blue Zone area as in this area players get damage due to blue zone, so they need to play inside the circle. You can kill enemies easily inside the map with any guns and survive till last to get win the match.

The title after winning the is given as "Winner Winner Chichek Dinner". Also there are many rewards which are given when you won any match. In which on of the best rewards and mission get complete of Royal Pass and there you will see lots of new and best rewards. 

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Short Info

Upcoming Update BGMI A1 Royal Pass
Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Release Date 02nd August 2023
Bgmi A1 End Date Before 2hr of A1 Launch
Bgmi A1 RP Prics 360, 960UC
Official Website Bgmi Offical

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Leaks

Following Below are some Leaks of the Bgmi A1 Royal Pass 
  1. Leak 01: Precision Artistry - Dp-28
  2. Leak 02: Ultramarine Pterosaur
  3. Leak 03: Steel Morpher Helmet
  4. Leak 04: Tangerine Drake Set
  5. Leak 05: Darkinbane Remnant - Machete
  6. Leak 06: Fun Astronaut - SLR
  7. Leak 07: Swiftshooter - M16A4
  8. Leak 08: Spectater Slayer Set

Here are some Leaks of the Bgmi A1 Royal Pass going to come with the new update of Bgmi A1 Rp.

Players will be able to camp from a tree, according to many reports and leaks. There’s a good probability that this feature will be available in 'traditional mode' as well. However, no formal confirmation has yet been received from the community. 

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BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date

A new BGMI A1 Royal Pass is going to release on 02nd August 2023 on the given Indian standard time of 5:30 am.  

It will be available for Android users. The gamer must purchase Royal Pass in order to gain ranking in the new season for the higher intention on the plan.

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Start and End date

The PUBG/BGMI A1 Royale Pass will be starting every month with higher incentives; the start date is 02nd August 2023, and the end date is 03rd September 2023.

How to get Free Rewards in Royal Pass?

We can also get free rewards from Royal Pass easily by completing the mission which are given by Krafton. We need to complete the mission to collect the point so that we can increase the level of the royal pass and get new and many rewards for free.

Free Royal Pass is also has some many rewards which are too good to use, here lots of players are interested in playing games with the royal pass. As the high level of points on royal passes the player has chances of getting his name come on plane top name list.

As you increase the rp level you will get many rewards, but in free there are not much interesting rewards so you can't get mythic items and rewards for that you need to Buy Elite Royal Pass or Elite Pulse Royal pass to get more rewards.

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Reward

Following Below is List of Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Rewards

  • Rewards 1. Precision Artistry - Dp-28
  • Rewards 2. Ultramarine Pterosaur
  • Rewards 3. Steel Morpher Helmet
  • Rewards 4. Tangerine Drake Set
  • Rewards 5. Darkinbane Remnant - Machete
  • Rewards 6. Fun Astronaut - SLR
  • Rewards 7. Swiftshooter - M16A4
  • Rewards 8. Spectater Slayer Set

So, above are Bgmi A1 royal pass rewards coming with this new update of Bgmi A1 RP.

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Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Price

Players are more thrilled about A1 Royal Pass than M21 Royal Pass because it is said to feature a lot of incentives for a low price to players and has best rewards. According to leaked information, gamers would have to pay 360 UC for the Elite Royal Pass, while the Elite Royal Pass Plus will cost only 960 UC as from M1 RP it is being increased.

Players will receive an additional gift certification worth 60 UC from Krafton regardless of whether they purchase Elite Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass Plus for free. If you reach rank 30 during this season, you will earn a 60 UC voucher that may be used to purchase A1 or the next Royal Pass, which will be released on 02nd July 2023.

You will receive a card for 60 UC if you purchase the BGMI A1 Elite Royal Pass and reach RP rank 47 or more. The UC card earned can be used to purchase BGMI’s future Royal Pass and can be also used for crate opening and other spending uc.

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass 1 to 50 Rp Rewards

So, below are some 1 to 50 rp rewards you may waiting for it and also like it.

Bgmi A1 1th Rp Rewards is Precision Artistry - Dp-28

The above image is our Bgmi A1 1 Rp Reward which is also a good Outfit and Name of this outfit is "Precision Artistry - DP-28".

Bgmi A1 2nd RP Rewrds is Ultramarine Pterosaur

Bgmi A1 2nd RP Rewrds is Ultramarine Pterosaur

So, above "Ultramarine Pterosauris op and attractive I hope you like it.

A1 Royal Pass 3rd Reward is Steel Morpher Helmet

A1 Royal Pass 3rd Reward is Steel Morpher Helmet

This is, Brand new Grenade skin in C2S6 A1 Rewards.

Bgmi A1 4th Reward is Tangerine Drake Set

Bgmi A1 4th Reward is Tangerine Drake Set

Bgmi A1 5th Rewards is Darkinbane Remnant - Machete

Bgmi A1 5th Rewards is Darkinbane Remnant - Machete

Bgmi A1 6th Rewards is Fun Astronaut - SLR

Bgmi A1 6th Rewards is Fun Astronaut - SLR

Bgmi A1 7th Rewards is Swiftshooter - M16A4

Bgmi A1 7th Rewards is Swiftshooter - M16A4

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass 100 RP Rewards

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass 100 RP Rewards

Bgmi A1 royal pass 100 reward is to op, This outfit is named as "Spectater Slayer Set

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Extra Rewards

Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Extra Rewards

So, above are rewards going to come with Bgmi A1 rewards and leaks. you can also see the above Bgmi A1 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Price

As we all know In BGMI, 360 UC is required to purchase an Elite Royale Pass, while 960 UC is required to get an Elite Plus Royale Pass as all of you know from Bgmi A1 Royal Pass.

So, In this article, we have covered the BGMI A1 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks with Royal Pass Release Date and images. Finally, the Royal Pass leaks are out for the BGMI Season C2S5 M11 with the release date. 

Here is a Video of A1 Royal Pass


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