How To Avoid Google Ads In Mobile | Avoid Pop-Up Ads in your Mobile Device - 2023

How To Avoid Google Ads In Mobile | Avoid Pop-Up Ads in your Mobile Device - 2023,

How To Avoid Google Ads In Mobile Android

Google is the worlds one of the top search engines in the whole world and more and more users are active on this platform for their search and also for uploading many new content Users are here to find the solutions to their questions. Google has an active user of around 500M+ searches per day, as you can think how many users are daily active and searching on Google.

How To Avoid Google Ads In Mobile Android

Google also provides advertising for many companies so as to provide the users as they want to interact with their own mind content. Google uses AI tools to know the details about the users and what they want through Google and also what they require. Google provides similar ads related to your topic searches so that you can easily find the solution on Google.

Introduction on How to Avoid Google Ads in Mobile Device

Welcome Users in this today's Article on how to avoid Google Ads and pop-up ads on your mobile device We are going to review complete detailed information on this topic so be ready to read it and apply it on your Mobile Device. As we all know, these types of ads can be incredibly annoying and disruptive while we are trying to use our phones or tablets personally or professionally. 

But did you know that they can also have negative impacts on our devices and even our personal information leakage many of them are sensitivity ads which may lead to downgrading the ads?

In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should avoid these types of ads and provide practical tips for doing so to reduce the harmful content from your device. So sit back, relax, and let's dive in to learn more!

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Why We Should Avoid Google Ads and Pop-Up Ads from your Mobile devices?

As we all know that Pop-up ads are too annoying and disgusting ads frame in your device as these ads covers a maximum portion of your device and also appear at any time on the device Because of this you can not do any multiactivity on your device as fast as you can. These Pop-up ads lead to hanging your device while appearing on the Mobile device.

Here Google Ads and pop-up ads are not only annoying, but they can also have a negative impact on your mobile device's performance as I told you. Pop-up ads consume a significant amount of data and battery life in your device, which can slow down your device and drain its battery faster which leads to disappoint the user experience.

Furthermore, these ads can be intrusive and distracting too as they occupy the maximum portion of the device, taking away from the user experience and Low down the company values too. In fact, studies have shown that users are more likely to abandon a website or app if they encounter too many ads that are illegal for users to find the solution. This can result in lost revenue for businesses and frustration for user's experience. No Users like your website and will never trust on your site.

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Why Understanding Mobile Ad Networks is Important?

Mobile ad networks are platforms that connect advertisers with publishers who have ad space on their mobile apps or websites. Here Google or Pop-up ad networks use sophisticated algorithms to match ads with the most relevant audience by their thoughts, based on factors such as location, demographics, and browsing history of their device.

As we have ever seen that when an advertiser wants to run a campaign, they can choose which network(s) they want to work with and set a budget for their ads to run on the user's device. The network provides ads and then delivers the ads to the target audience through various channels and also through your device permission for allowing the pop-up ads, such as in-app ads, mobile web banners, and video ads. 

Some popular mobile ad networks include AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, and InMobi these are the most popular ad providers they provide the ads related to your History.

Top 4 Best Methods for Avoiding Google Ads and Pop-up Ads

Here are the top 4 best methods for Avoiding Google Ads and Pop-up Ads so follow the steps below to avoid this ads in your mobile device.

#1. Method

You Can solve this problem from your Chrome Browser. So follow the steps Given Below.

1. Search for Chrome Browser in your device.

2. Open the Chrome Browser and Click On 3 dots as given in the below image.

3. Now click on the Settings icon.

4. After that search for Site Setting and click on Site Setting.

5. After opening the site setting, search for Pop-up and redirects and click on it.

6. Now open the pop-up and redirects and you may see the given below Icon and information. If it is default ON then click on it and OFF the pop-up and redirects. so that you can't get pop-up ads on your screen while searching.

7. Now Come Back and search for Ads and Click on It.

8. Here you will see the Ads option is on then now click on it and OFF the Ads option. So that ads displaying on your screen will be stopped and you can work properly.

So above are the 1 Method to Avoid Google ads in mobile and also to stop Pop-up ads from your device. 

If still ads are commming then follow the 2 Method given below.

#2. Method

Here below are 2nd Methods to avoid Google ads on mobile devices and pop-up ads from your device too.

Follow the below given steps to avoid from Google ads from your device.

1. First of all search for the 'setting' of your mobile device and open it.

2. Now Search in the setting 'Google'.

3. Now Click On Google Icon and Open it. and follow the step.

4. After opening the Google search for Ads click on It.

5. Here after Clicking on Ads you will see this type of interface in your device. Now firstly click on Rsest Advertising ID and reset the Ads file and 2nd after resetting it now click on Delete Advertising ID and delete it.

Now you have done your problem may be solved.


Here is your Problem is still Not Resolved then go to settings and search for 'Ad Services'.

1. Here you will find the Ad Services option click on it and open it. Now you will see the Personalised ad recommendations, by default it will be Off click on it and On it. So that your device will limit the ad and no any ads will be shown on your device interface.

So Here is 3rd method given in above list follow the step to limit the ads from your device easily.

#4. Method

So guys 4th method is used after you have applied all the given 3 methods to limit the ad and to avoid the ads while searching on Google.

Follow the steps to avoid Google ads on mobile Devices for Google search and for browsing any websites.

1. Search for Play Store on your device and open it.

2. Now Search for 'Super Browser' in the Playstore app and click on Install Button and Install it.

3. After Downloading and Installing Open the Super Browser App from your Device.

4. Now Click on the 3Dot or More option given below in this app and open it.

5. Now Click on the 'setting' button and open it.

6. You may find the AdBlock Option in the app and by default it will be On If it is Off then click on it and On it and now you are done. You can use this app for safe browsing as this app provides an ad-free search and any website will not show any ads on it.

So Here you have completed all the steps and now you are ready to use your device with ad-Free screen and safe browsing on Google without any ads.

Google Also Provides an Ad-Blocker extension and this extension is one of the most popular ad blockers many computer users use this extension for their use.

If you have followed all 4 Methods on your device then now your device is ready to use without unwanted and pop-up ads while using your device. You can now access any app or website without worry because no ads will be found there.

Tips for Avoiding Google Ads From Your Device

To avoid Google Ads on your Android device, you can adjust your ad settings by your own. Simply go to your Google account settings and select 'Ads' given there. From there, you can turn off ad personalization and reset your advertising ID or reset the ID and then delete the advertising features from your device. This step will help reduce the number of ads you see while using your device.

Tips for Avoiding Google Ads From Your Device

Another tip is to use a browser that blocks ads on your device. There are many options available, such as Brave or Firefox Focus This are app uses an Ad-Blocker, that automatically blocks ads and trackers from your device. These browsers also offer additional privacy features, making them a great choice for those who want to avoid intrusive ads and content from your device.

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Tips for Avoiding Pop-Up Ads From Your Device

As we know mostly in Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and Chinese devices the ads are pop-up on the front screen and cover a maximum portion of the device, and provide unusual Ads that are not related to our topic and some of them are sexual content too. Because of this types of ads shown on your device leads to disturb the user while doing some Important work on the mobile device and also can't use in professionally due to fast work.

So to Solve your Problem here is the solution, One effective way to avoid pop-up ads on mobile devices is to install an ad blocker on your mobile phone. Ad blockers are software applications that can be downloaded from app stores or directly from websites Here is the most popular ad-blocker site link given. These applications work by blocking ads from appearing on web pages, including pop-up ads.

Another way to avoid pop-up ads is to adjust your browser settings directly from your device. Mostly Company mobile browsers have options to block pop-up ads or to limit the number of pop-ups that appear on your device. By adjusting these settings, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering pop-up ads while browsing the web directly from the mobile and can prevent from crash of your device.

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In Last Word I will till that, it is clear that avoiding Google Ads and pop-up ads on mobile devices is crucial for a better user experience and for harmful content from your device. As we all know Not only do these ads disrupt our browsing, but they also slow down our devices and put our privacy at risk, and leak information to other companies.

By understanding how mobile ad networks work and following practical tips such as adjusting settings and installing ad blockers, we can take control of our mobile browsing experience and enjoy a smoother, safer journey on our device by our own.

So users here in this article I have shared you complete information related to How to Avoid Google ads in Mobile Device and also I have provided the solution for the prevention of pop-up ads from your device.

If you like this article then share it with your friends so that they also can prevent from this mistake and safeguard their devices. Also if you have any queries then you can ask in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem so that you can easily get the solution of the questions.

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