PUBG Lite Latest v0.26.0 Unlimited Health, Ammo, & BC Config File download (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

PUBG Lite Latest v0.26.0 Unlimited Health, Ammo, & BC Config File download (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

PUBG Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health, Ammo, & BC Config File

Hey, Welcome Back Guys in this article I am going to share your information about Pubg lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health, Ammo Config file, this config file is working in both 32bit and 64bit devices.

You can find many new features in this config file I have given, this config file I tested in the Redmi 5 device working properly. You can too test it first in your guest account and then apply it in your main I'd.

PUBG Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health, Ammo, & BC Config File

Here in this article, the topic which I have given is one of the best topic searches on google. Many of the players are looking for this file, Here lots of players also comment to me to provide me this Pubg Lite Unlimited Health and Ammo config file.

If you want to download this file then read the article completely because to download this file you need to find the password and also the steps I have given need to be followed properly to download it properly and install it properly.

A short note on Pubg Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is also a popular battle royale game that has been optimized for lower-end devices players. It provides players the chance to engage in thrilling battles against other players from the other country.

This Game is best for a low-end device player you can experience the game the same as Pubg Mobile or Bgmi. In this article, I have shared with you the best of Unlimited health, ammo, and config file working properly.

Here there are 50 player dropped on one island where they need to survive till last to win the game easily. But here when they are dropped they need to find guns and more loot to survive till last. Also they need to kill enemies as there opponents.

You can be alive and can play inside the blue Zone, here blue zone is the restricted area where player cannot go because in blue zone player get damage due to blue zone. To be safe play in circle area and take a fight to kill enemies and win the match easily.

What is a Config File?

A config file is a file in which coding is used to optimize the hacks and enable the hacks. So that you can easily access a config file. In this file, I have added lots of features so that you can easily kill enemies.

Here I have brought this config file to solve most of the problems so that you can play easily and can survive till the last. here in this article, I have brought Unlimited health and ammo config file so that you can kill enemies easily without getting any damage.

This config file makes your health unlimited so that you cannot get a 0% of damage from their gun shot. so This is one of the best files because in this file I have also provided you unlimited ammo files so that your ammo will not get less any time. As your gun gets unlimited ammo you can kill enemies easily. just in one continuous spray.

The config file is just a script file in which you can customize many hacks easily without any harm to your main I'd. Here in this article, I have shared with you the best of Pubg Mobile Lite unlimited health, ammo config file.

Pubg Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health Config file

Here Pubg lite is one of the best battle royal game in the world, this game is made mainly for low-end device players who can't play Pubg mobile in there mobile. Pubg lite also has one of the best craze in players' heart.

In this game player kill enemies to win the and and also to survive till last. But it is not easy to kill enemies without any skill. There are many player who play in nice device and they have a pro level of gaming in pubg lite. So they can kill you easily, because of you have low end device.

So to Overcome this problem I have brought a best of Pubg Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health Config file so that you can kill enemies easily without getting a 1% of damage on your armor. This config file increase you health level to approx 1000% more so that it is not easy to kill enemies.

Now due to this config file enemies can not kill you easily, but now you have chance to kill them easily as compare to old one. This config file is mainly made for Low-end device player so that they can enjoy playing this game easily.

Pubg lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Ammo Config file

As in the above paragraph, we have studied about Pubg lite Unlimited Ammo Config file, but now in this paragraph, we are going to learn a complete detail about Pubg lite 0.26.0 version. So let's begin if you like this article and also want to download the config file for free then read the article completely and follow the step to download and install the config file properly.

An unlimited Ammo config file is used to increase the Ammo to an unlimited level of firing. Here with the help of this file, you can kill enemies easily because you have got a gun with unlimited ammo so you can kill enemies easily. You can all get lots of features with this config file easily.

The Pubg lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Ammo Config file is a fully updated version and can be used without any harm. This config file is fully working properly and tested in the redmi 5 devices, as this device is also a med-rand device. Here this config file is working properly. I have installed anti-ban and anti-reset file so that no one can report you easily.

Features of Pubg Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health and Ammo Config file

Following below are the features of Pubg Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health & Ammo Config file.

  1. Unlimited Health Unlock,
  2. Unlimited Ammo unlock,
  3. Unlimited BC enable,
  4. Lag fix,
  5. Overheating problem solved,
  6. No Damage,
  7. Working 100% Safe,
  8. Anti-ban installed,
  9. Anti-Reset enable,
  10. Anti-Report file installed,
  11. TDM+Classic Working

So above list is the some features provided with this Pubg lite Unlimited Health and ammo config file.

How To Download Pubg Lite No Recoil Config File for 0.26.0?

Guys just follow the instructions given below and read the process completely to download Pubg Lite no recoil Config file for 0.26.0.

  1. First of all read the article completely and follow the steps to download ths file.
  2. For downloading file go down there you will find the download button.
  3. Click on the download button to download the file.
  4. Wait for 20 sec to download the config file.
  5. Now download the config file. For applying follow the steps given below.

How to Apply Config File for Pubg Lite No recoil?

To apply the config file follow the correct steps given below.

  1. After download the file, now the important step is to applying the config file.
  2. Extract the config file after downloading it.
  3. After you extract the file you will see the folder name as "File" 
  4. Copy this file folder and follow the steps
  5. Steps as follows Android > Data > com.pubglite.ig > File and past that file folder over here.
  6. Now you have done it. 
  7. Restart the game and enjoy playing with these special hacks.

Advantages of Unlimited Health in Pubg mobile lite

Here, Unlimited Health gives players a significant advantage in every Pubg Lite battle. They can survive longer and take more risks without worrying about losing their health and can kill enemies easily.

This feature also makes the game more interesting for players who might struggle while playing the game. It allows them to experience the game more interestingly and can easily win te game.

Is there Pubg Mobile Lite Config Files safe or Not?

Yes, this config file is fully safe and can be used in your main I'd easily. In this config file, I have installed an Anti-ban file so that there is a lesser chance of losing your I'd. In this article, I have shared your information and config file for increasing your health, and ammo.

It will make your Gameplay like a pro because no one can kill you easily but you can kill them easily and get a "winner winner chicken Dinner".

Download Pubg Lite 0.26.0 Unlimited Health & Ammo Config file for 32bit and 64bit

Download Now

Download Link


So guys, in this article I have shared with you information related to Pubg Mobile Lite Unlimited health Config file for 0.26.0 and working in 32bit and 64bit config file. You need to read the article completely to get the proper guide and then download the file.

If you like this article then share it with your friend and if you have any queries then also you can comment in the comment section. Here you will get more interesting articles so visit this website again. Also if you want any file you can ask in the comment section I will provide you.

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