New Free Fire Max Vip Hack Glitch Config File Download link for 2.100.1 & OB42 - 2023

New Free Fire Max Vip Hack Glitch Config File Download link for 2.100.1 & OB42 - 2023

Free Fire Max Vip Hack Glitch Config File for OB42 & v2.100.1

Hey, guys welcome back again after a long time, I am back with some more cool and epic boosting free fire max VIP glitch config file download link for OB42 or 2.100.1 version then you are n right place. We don't make any kind of fake configs or not working configs. We will take time but provide only original and premium config files.

Free Fire Max Vip Hack Glitch Config File for OB42 & v2.100.1

If you search for Free Fire max VIP Glitch file you will get many such files but all are fake we are giving you the best file and 100% working legit files. I have checked all these files in my redmi 5A mobile and it is 100% working.

A Short note on Free Fire Max

In the world of mobile gaming, Free Fire Max has taken up most of the space in the gaming field in the world. With 100M+ Downloads of players worldwide, it's no surprise that the game is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its fans as they wish. One such development is the latest Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File Download Mediafire link for 2.100.1 & OB42 - 2023.

This Free fire max VIP hack Glitch File makes your game more interesting because it will give you lots of items in the game that are too good to use and make your look more interesting. Also, you will get much ability in the game so that you can kill enemies easily.

What is Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File Download?

Free Fire Max Vip hack Glitch Config File is a file that gives players exclusive rewards and features within the free fire game. This includes rewards and skins like unlimited diamonds, skins, Bundles, and more that would normally require players to spend real money to obtain.

This Vip glitch config file provides you many rewards such as Free Fire new evest rewards for free, New Gun skin with ability, Bundles with its ability, and Many new Outfits and rewards which make your account professional and looks like you have spent lots of money in this Game.

Benefits of Using the Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File

There are many Advantages of using the Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File in-game. For 1, players can get exclusive rewards that they would not otherwise be able to obtain without spending real money in-game. This config file provides you rewards such as rare skins for free, weapons, Gun skins with their abilities and new and interesting bundles that can give players an exciting feeling in the game.

As this file is very much use full players can access many new rewards and skin that make you account like a pro player where you have spended lots of real money in game. So stay with this site to get many new rewards. If you Like this config file then share it with your friends.

Risks of Using the Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File

As we all know if there are many advantages of using this config file, then its common that there should be to disadvantages of this config file such as you can use it just for a limited time. There are many reasons which make you disappointed of using this config file.

As this config file is just a hack file so this may work only this that update or till a minor update. If there were a minor update too you can lose this all rewards which you have got from this config file. So use this config file till any update comes only. 

A second disappointment is that if you apply all rewards in your I'd then the free fire community can get this message or miss use, change in a file can be noticed then they may can take a strict action on your I'd and there are chances of getting banned of your I'd so use it carefully.

Note - Use this config file on your own risk. This config file is just made for an educational use only do not miss use of this config file for other players. Otherwise Free Fire can permanently Banned your account. 
Use on your own Risk😈

How to Download the Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File

Here Below are the following steps to download the Free Fire Max VIP Hack Glitch Config file Downloading Process.

  1. First of all, Read the article completely to get proper guidance about downloading and applying process.
  2. After Reading the article, Down Below the article I have given a downloading link.
  3. Click on it and wait for 25sec to get download the file.
  4. The file may can contain a Password or Can not so read the article and find the password.
  5. If there were no passwords in the article then don't worry the file may not contain any password.
  6. After downloading follow the applying process given below.

How to Apply Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config file in your Device?

Here Below are the following steps for applying the Free Fire Vip Glitch config file for the 2.100.1 updates.

  1. First, you need to download the Free Fire max 2.100.1 Vip Glitch config file here.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to extract it.
  3. Make sure the BGMI app is closed and not running in the background.
  4. Next, you must place the files in their respective folders.
  5. Now you have to paste the files to the following folders like they are downloaded. 
  6. Go to File Manager, Then go to Android > Data > com.dts.freefireth > files Paste and Replace Here” 

Download Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Config File 2.100.1 

Download Now


So Guys In this article I Have shared with you complete detailed information about the Free Fire Max Vip Glitch Hack config file for OB42 and for the 2.100.1 Version of Free Fire. If you want more files then be with this site.

In Last, if you like this article and config file then share it with your free fire friends and also if you have any queries then also you can ask me in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem easily. Also, I will bring lots of many new config files for you all just with it.

Be with this site for more Interesting Config files. 💪😇

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